Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls


I was listening to the award-winning group TLC on YouTube. Their song, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” was streaming. When I began to think about that song, I began to think about how true the song really was.  The song says, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that your use to, I know that you’re going to have it your way or no way at all, but I think your moving too fast”.

This is so true in America right now because we are chasing after everything. The young children are chasing after the next big thing in technology or code in a game and will do whatever to get it. The teens are chasing after boys, girls, fashion, twitter, Instagram, or whatever the next best thing is in social media or fashion. They have begun to kill themselves, murder each other, cut them, all because they are chasing waterfalls. They are seeking to live the celebrity life. Marriages are chasing after what they think is greener on the other side. Those who consider themselves poor are chasing after money and willing to go to jail to just have a few bucks. The drug addict wants another high, so they go to a drug that takes them “higher”. The runner or walker, who walks one mile, decides to compete with the T.V. folk or themselves and gets a real bad charley horse for running a marathon that they did not train for. The list goes on and on.

Then you have the teachers, the principals, and the Board of Education who is over the teachers, the principals, the students, and so on. They are chasing after waterfalls as well. They want education to be more than they are willing to pay for. They want their city, their district, their state to be number one, but cannot agree on how to become number one unless more money is allocated. The officials in Washington are arguing about how our children should be taught and how long it should take every child to learn, so they say cut the pay of the teacher.

What are the lakes and the rivers were are used to? It was the simple things in life. When I was in school, the teachers taught from their hearts, they taught from experience, they taught us by using illustration. The teachers in my day taught us according to where we were as students. I can remember back in kindergarten on how I learned my colors, my ABC’s, my telephone numbers and regular numbers. The teachers were not pressured to move us 100 mph, but they were able to teach at the pace of the children.

I learned so much growing up and with the teaching style that our teachers used. I learned a lot about nature because they did not cut recess, but allowed us to expel our energy everyday outside. We played various games, learned about playing as a team, being a team leader and so on. Inside the classrooms we had a strong music budget, so we were taught all the instruments, we performed our skills at various programs in front of our family and other guest. The teachers used the simple things in life. It was the small things that allowed our mind to expand and become distinguished. We as the students were able to go to the chalk board and figure out a problem with the support of the teacher and students. Our teachers supported us outside the classroom. This was an excellent process for me in school and I remember everything that I was taught. I remember the teachers and the lessons that they strove to teach us.

We must stop chasing the waterfalls because our children are dying in school, they are bringing guns and we are having tragedy’s, we are experiencing bullying on an all-time high. Why? Because one child is pulled away from their class to get extra help, so now, their privacy is compromised and other kids are making fun. We must wake up and go back to what was working. We are not ready to chase the big dreams yet until we can master the rivers and lakes that we are use too.