The Double Dutch Bus


In an admissions overhaul that relies on city buses, Metro Nashville students and parents will be able to choose which high school they attend next year (Garrison, Joey, 2014). At the same time, transportation could be an issue and even a seat in the school of their choice.

The purpose for the students to choose which high school is to promote a more effective long term plan when they graduate from high school. For example, if a child is musically inclined, their desire may be to attend one of the school of arts that focuses on music. The student is not only learning their passion, but it is preparing them for their future in the real world. The students will gain a lot of of knowledge on their subject and perhaps propel them ahead of other high school students in other districts, that are looking to attend the same college.

I personally think it is a great deal seeing that many employers today are hiring based upon experience and not just education. However, transportation should be rock solid and the students should not have to come out of pocket to get a better opportunity in another district. According to writer, Garrison, Joey, Metro Nashville has a plan to resolve the transportation dilemma. The students will take the bus to the chosen school and will not have to pay for transfers and other bus passes anymore.Students will be required to take the yellow buses to the nearest bus stop, and then the MTA (Metro Transportation Authority) to the chosen school district.

Another positive for the students is that they could gain a little more shut eye. In order to kick this plan into gear, the school board is thinking of staggering the school hours. Normally, high schools classes start at 7:05am. With the new options, the classes will began at 8:30am. This stagger in school hours was motivated by the Amercian Academy of Peaditrics, which has pointed to health risks for students under the age of 17.

I say build a Double Dutch and put everyone on it that has chosen a new school outside of their district. Drive each of them to their destination and celebrate that our children are being trained to face the real world challenges. I am reminded of the song, “The Double Dutch Bus”, for the blog sake, I have added a few of my own lyrics to the song, 1,2,3, sing….”the double dutch bus coming down the street, moving pretty fast you better shuffle your feet. Get on the bus, pay your fare, and tell your driver that your glad <the double dutch is there>….”

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